Pricing & Loan Terms

At eLoanWarehouse, we are committed to providing our customers with transparent and fair pricing on all our loan products. Below you will find detailed information about our loan rates, fees, and other financial terms that apply to our various loan offerings.

New – 1st Loan

  • Loan Amount: Up to $1,000
  • Term: 9 months
  • Payments: Single payment structure
  • Features: Ideal for first-time borrowers seeking quick funding and manageable repayment. This loan is perfect for covering immediate expenses and establishing a relationship with eLoanWarehouse.

Silver Tier

  • Loan Amount: Up to $1,250
  • Term: 9 months
  • Payments: 7 payments
  • Features: Suitable for borrowers with an established pay history of at least 7 full contractual payments across all loans. This tier offers a slightly higher loan amount with a structured repayment plan, aimed at returning customers who need a little more to manage their financial goals.

Gold Tier

  • Loan Amount: Up to $1,500
  • Term: 9 months
  • Payments: 15 payments
  • Features: Available to customers who have made at least 15 full contractual payments cumulatively across all loans. This tier provides higher limits and extended payment options, designed for customers with a reliable payment history looking for more substantial funding.

Platinum Tier

  • Loan Amount: Up to $2,500
  • Term: 12 months
  • Payments: 24 payments
  • Features: Our premium tier, requiring a cumulative total of 24 full contractual payments on previous loans. It offers the highest loan amount and the longest term, with the most flexible payment schedule. This tier is best suited for established customers who need significant financial assistance and prefer an extended period to manage their repayment.

Additional Financial Considerations

  • Early Repayment: Loans can be repaid early at any time without penalty, potentially reducing your overall cost of credit.
  • Late Payment Fees: Specific fees for late payments are set forth in the Loan Agreement. We encourage timely payments to avoid additional charges.
  • Non-Payment Fees: As described in the Loan Agreement, failure to make payments may result in additional fees and penalties.

Important Notes

  • Eligibility: Qualification for any of our loans depends on specific factors including income verification and state of residence.
  • State Availability: Please note that our loans are not available in [List states where loans are not available].
  • Regulatory Compliance: As a sovereign enterprise, we operate in compliance with Tribal law, which governs all our financial transactions and terms.


To be eligible for a loan, applicants must be at least 18 years old and reside in a state where eLoanWarehouse operates, excluding New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Connecticut. Applicants must not be active duty military personnel, their spouses, or dependents. Qualification for a loan also depends on various factors including income verification and credit history.

eLoanWarehouse offers loans with terms ranging from 9 to 12 months, depending on the loan tier. Payment structures vary by tier:

  • New – 1st Loan: Single payment at the end of the term.
  • Silver Tier: 7 payments spread over 9 months.
  • Gold Tier: 15 payments spread over 9 months.
  • Platinum Tier: 24 payments over 12 months. Loans may be paid off early without penalty, which could reduce the overall cost of credit.

If you anticipate difficulty in making a payment, it is important to contact customer service as soon as possible. Late payments may incur fees as specified in your loan agreement. eLoanWarehouse is committed to working with customers to find manageable solutions to maintain the loan agreement and avoid additional fees.

eLoanWarehouse uses the information provided by applicants to verify identity, assess creditworthiness, and determine loan eligibility. This may involve sharing information with credit reporting agencies or other verification services. We adhere to strict confidentiality and privacy standards to protect your personal information.